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International Journal of Educational Excellence - Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines


The International Journal of Educational Excellence (IJEE) is open to all scientific articles which provide answers to the main educational and scientific problems currently impacting higher education with the purpose of achieving quality excellence in all areas. Papers will be welcome, regardless of the subject area to which they belong, as long as they entail a contribution, innovation or breakthrough in the development of models for teaching or scientific research within the university environment leading towards social improvement. Research work performed in other educational levels may be also taken into account, as well as they provide an adequate justification and a valid relationship with higher education issues. All papers submitted for publication must be unpublished and original, and should not be under evaluation for publication in other journals. Theoretical work as well as those based on field studies and empirical laboratory experiments contributions, are accepted. All kinds of strategies and methodological approaches may be employed; however the selected method for each research has to be in compliance within the parameters of current scientific and technological research. The review criteria and selection process will mainly assessed the quality of the work under consideration in terms of the following criteria: significant contribution to the object of interest of the journal, a breakthrough to the current scientific knowledge and, ultimately, the contribution to the progress of our society.

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